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Sentek Solutions supply a wide range of specialised devices into the Robotic, Semiconductor Manufacture, Industrial Automation, Iron & Steel and Port sectors.

A range of specialised Safety Products are also available to support these markets with the Hokuyo Safety Laser Scanner included within the product portfolio.

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Protection range: 5m
Warning range: 20m
Dual 5m Safety Protection Zones
Scanning Angle 270°
32 configurable area patterns
Encoder Input/ Distance Data
Master/Slave configuration

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Iron & Steel

Process control solutions for the metal forming industry

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Factory Automation

Increase productivity by embracing greater automation

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High tech industry demands leading edge solutions

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Use of autonomous equipment enhances quality and efficiency

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Despite the traditional image of a steel mill and the generic term “metal bashing”, the “science” of metal forming relies on precise control to deliver products which are “right” each and every time.

As you can imagine controlling very hot & heavy objects travelling at high speed is fraught with difficulties, yet to achieve optimal quality and productivity it is a requirement.

Sentek Solutions Ltd provide a range of non contact devices which put you in control of your process.

Our Hot Metal Detection Pyrometer devices use state of the art InGaAs diodes to precisely determine the temperature of the metal billet, delivering the information needed to ensure that forming operations are optimised and ensuring that the resultant steel (or other metal alloy) has the correct phase composition, grain structure and dislocation density.

Whilst precise dimensional and speed measurement guarantees that rates of deformation are thoroughly controlled, and that final product dimensions meet customer requirements. Understandably, getting product dimensions or physical composition/properties wrong can be a costly business.

Here our non contact laser distance measurement devices provide millimetre accuracy and the Doppler Effect (more familiar in Police speed traps) is used to precisely determine object speed: An invaluable control device for extrusion, spooling or drawing operations.

Last but by no means least, is the subject of workplace safety. The dangerous combination of high temperature, high speed and heavy weights mean that if an accident does happen it is likely to be catastrophic. Sentek Solutions crane anti collision devices and obstacle detectors are the best way of preventing accidents by effectively eliminating human error.

Worldwide increased automation is being used to drive up quality and efficiency.

The simple fact is that machines can carry out repetitive and complicated tasks more reliably and cheaply.

Additionally, changes to the work environment in terms of cleanliness, health & safety, not to mention sheer size and speed requirements (micro electronics through to manipulation of car bodies) precludes humans from an ever increasing proportion of the workplace.

Sentek Solutions supply opto electronic devices which allow machines to explore, understand and optimise their environment. Therefore machines can work together more effectively and safely.

Obstacle detectors or laser range finders (LRFs) provide a degree of “sight” to AGVs or OTs (Automated guided vehicles / Overhead transport systems) ensuring that these semi autonomous work horses can efficiently navigate their way around a factory or distribution centre.

Optical data transmission devices allow communication between processing & transportation systems enabling efficient material handling. Short distance devices for transfer / docking operations, or long distance devices for high speed control in for instance hi bay warehouses.

Laser distance measurement devices and Laser Doppler speed control systems provide precise monitoring information necessary to achieve the high level of process control demanded in today’s manufacturing sector.

Finally crane anti collision devices effectively eliminate human error where industrial cranes are operated either remotely or using “in cab” systems. Needless to say the social and financial incentive for elimination of workplace accidents is significant.

It is somewhat poetic that the production of silicon wafer and manufacture of PCB’s (the very components that drive forward technology) rely on automation perhaps more than any other sector.

Firstly; silicon wafer can only be efficiently produced in a “Clean Room” environment.

Secondly; the voracious demand for increased performance at reduced cost is only realistically embraced with increased automation allowing ever more efficient production of smaller, thinner PCBs with ever more dense circuitry.

It is in this environment that AMHS (Automated Material Handling Systems) such as AGVs, RGVs, OHTs, OHVs and FOUPs co-exist; communicating using a wide variety of optical data transmission devices and navigating their precious loads around the factory with the help of obstacle detectors.

In order to ensure that all equipment used within semiconductor FABs (manufacturing plants) is compatible the E84 specification for communication is used exclusively and only devices that meet this standard can be used.

All supplied Hokuyo devices (where appropriate) meet this standard giving you the customer confidence that these devices will seamlessly integrate with other components in your manufacturing facility.

Having said this numerous different levels of functionality and connectivity options are available.

The use of robots in the workplace and everyday life has moved from fantasy to reality.

The term robot covers a multitude of mechanical devices with widely differing levels of autonomy.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are designed to make our lives in some way easier, whether by directly assisting us or by achieving tasks in manufacturing which increase efficiency and quality.

Sentek Solutions provide devices which enable autonomy, essentially giving a robot the ability to “see” and “talk”.

Hokuyo laser range finders (LRF) provide a two dimensional map of surroundings.

By manipulation, these extremely light and small devices can be used to generate a three dimensional map. Thus the robot can see in real time what is around it, and providing it has the capability make appropriate decisions.

The unique property of this product range is its performance to size ratio. Thus a small 5V, 160g LRF capable of seeing up to 5m can be easily mounted and manipulated on the end of an articulated arm.

Communication between robots (and other equipment) is achieved using optical data transmission devices. With data transmission speeds up to and beyond Ethernet information can be quickly and efficiently exchanged.

Again these devices are extremely small light and power frugal.

Together these devices allow robots to determine where they are and what is around them (in technical terms; localisation, positioning & SLAM) facilitating ever increasing autonomy and to the man in the street a continuously improving quality of life.