DMG Series

A Semi E84 compliant device with integral 512 byte memory to record communication data.
Technical info:
  • Semi E84
  • Logging Function
  • 1-3m range
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Product Name: DMG Series



DMG Series datasheet
A range of 8 BIT compact parallel data transmission units with an integral non volatile memory. Hokuyo device enables data exchanges to be logged and read out at a later time. They are contained in robust, lightweight polycarbonate housings and are immune to electrical & ambient light interference. 
  • 10-30v DC 
  • NPN  I/O 
  • 1m range (adjustable) 
  • ≤40mSec transmit time 
  • Half duplex transmission 
  • Pulse modulated Infra Red 
  • Separate optic head with RJ11 jack & LED status indicator display 
  • Separate memory module with RJ11 jack & 25pin D Sub 

  • SEMI E84 compliant 
  • Load port / OHT communication 
  • AGV / Load port communication 
  • Handshake signals in semiconductor wafer fab plants. 
  • Logging of handshake signals for fault diagnosis 

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