Hot Metal Detection

Hot metal detectors are specifically designed for steel production applications. They are ideal for controlling a process through accurate presence detection of material flow.

Optical LED, laser and microwave type sensing solutions are used to detect the presence of rod, billet, bar, slab or plate in a rolling mill, continuous casting or other mill process lines. Radiated infrared from hot material passing within the operating range of the HMD will trigger an output function to initiate a process command.

These sensors can reduce the risks of process line failures, scrap and rework by enabling the user to accurately detect product from start to finish.
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LAV-10/11 Series
This device is a laser based optical fibre HMD and is accurate in environments where dust, steam and vapours are present.

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MBX Series:
A non-contact HMD for use in the harshest of environments.

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PH-DX/WX Series
This through beam type HMD is perfect for use in low temperature processes.

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PHV-10 Series
The PHV-10 HMD is a LED-based optical fibre device with accurate long range transmission.

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PRV-10 Series
The PRV-10 is an electronic HMD with adjustable infrared thresholds.

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