Most power frugal device available and can be used on battery operated applications.
Technical info:
  • 5.6 metres range
  • 240° scan window
  • 0.36° resolution 
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Product Name: URG-04LX



URG-04LX Datasheet
URG-04LX Tech Manual
The Hokuyo URG-04LX has become the default option for serious robotiers looking to develop small mobile robots. 

It is the smallest, lightest and most power frugal laser range finder available. 

Key decision criteria are functionality, size and power consumption.
  • 5.6 metres range 
  • 240° scan window 
  • 0.36° resolution 
  • 10 scans per second 
  • 50mm x 50mm x 70mm 
  • Weight 160g 
  • 5V DC 
  • RS232 + USB interfaces 
  • LMS Laser measurement system 
  • LRF Laser range finder 

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