Longest range, lightest weight outdoor scanner. 
Technical info:
  • 30 metres range
  • 190° scan window
  • Ideal for outdoor or indoor use
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Product Name: UXM-30LX



UXM-30LX Datasheet
UXM-30LX Tech Manual
The UXM-30X is in many ways Hokuyo's most "farsighted" scanner:

Normal objects can be seen up to 50m away, whilst, those difficult to see "low reflectance" objects (10% reflectivity & above) can be seen from a distance of 30m.

Additionally the "multi echo" functionality ensures that low level "noise" such as that caused by windblown leaves or adverse weather conditions is filtered out.

In response to customer demand the UXM-30LX is available with USB or Ethernet connectivity.

Although larger than the familiar ultra compact Hokuyo scanners this unit is surprisingly light weighing in at less than 800g.

With outstanding outdoor performance we see the UXM-30LX being used in larger mobile robots and intelligent AGV's.
  • Detects objects with normal reflectivity at 50 m & above 
  • Objects with 10% reflectivity "seen" at 30m 
  • Ideal for outdoor or indoor use 
  • Performs well in rain, snow and mist 
  • 30 metres range 
  • 190° scan window 
  • 0.25° resolution 
  • 20 scans per second 
  • Ethernet or USB connectivity 
  • 120mm x 125mm x 146mm 
  • Weight 800g 
  • IP64 
  • 24V DC

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