Extremely high spec device with built in heater to prevent lens clouding.
Technical info:
  • Scanning Range 0.1 to 80m
  • Scanning Angle 190°
  • Angular Resolution 0.125°
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Product Name: UXM-30LXH-EWA



UXM-30LXH-EWA Datasheet
A newer and higher specification version of the UXM-30LX, the UXM-30LXH-EWA comes with a wide range of features that makes it an excellent choice for shape recognition applications in ports and other outdoor applications.

Advantages over the UXM-30LX are greater scan accuracy, a heater included as standard and 4 ‘echos’, making the device perfect for even the most harsh operating environment.
  • Scanning Range 0.1 to 80m 
  • Scanning Angle 190° 
  • Angular Resolution 0.125° 
  • Scan Accuracy of +/- 50mm at 30m 
  • Ethernet Connection 
  • Lightweight at only 1.2kg 
  • IP67 Protection 
  • Multi Echo Functionality – ideal for snow, fog, rain and harsh conditions 
  • Inbuilt heater to prevent lens clouding 
  • Optional Protection Cover available 
  • Safety Design: FDA Laser Class 1 
  • Power Source : 10 to 30V 
  • More than one device can be synchronised

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