Safety Laser Scanners

In order to increase automation the working environment must be safe. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and other autonomous vehicles need vision to see if there path is clear or if there is an obstacle in their way.  Hokuyo Safety Laser Scanners are the perfect solution for this.

Safety Laser Scanners are path mapping  and anti-collision devices and provide machine sight for safe working. These Hokuyo devices guarantee peace of mind and increased productivity.

The range of Hokuyo Safety Laser Scanners that we provide includes the Hokuyo UAM-05LP Safety Laser Scanner, the smallest and most compact safety laser scanner on the market. 

Our Safety Laser Scanners use a Time of Flight principle to calculate the distance and time from any obstacle that enters the device's field of view. 

With simple set up, zone creation and a Master/ Slave function and these Safety Laser Scanners from Hokuyo are the perfect solution to create a safe working environment.

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Hokuyo UAM-05LP
The smallest Category 3 Safety Laser Scanner on the market, crucial for protecting AGVs.
Technical info:
  • Protection Range: 5m
  • Warning Range : 20m
  • Detection Angle: 270°

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Hokuyo UAM-02LP
An ultra compact solution for preventing potentially unsafe situations.
Technical info:
  • Protection range: 2m
  • Warning range: 10m
  • Scanning Angle 190°

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