New products, more news and more exhibitions for 2019

Last year was very busy for us here at Sentek. We launched the new Accerion Jupiter and Hokuyo YVT 35LX, we went to LogiMAT, SPS and the Liverpool Robotics Showcase. And we also helped a German University to win the RoboRace 2018!
You can read about all of the last years activities in our blogs

Here are some of our personal highlights....
LogiMAT 2018
Held in Stuttgart, in March, LogiMAT is the biggest exhibition in Europe for warehouse logistics.
We showcased the Hokuyo UAM-05LP Safety Laser Scanner, which is made for the European AGV market, and is the smallest scanner of its kind available.
LogiMAT was also a chance for us to launch the new Accerion Jupiter module which got a lot of interest. The Jupiter delivers accurate positioning, inside or out, without infrastructure, and it can be integrated into new and existing vehicles.
The Sentek and Accerion team.
We also went to Nuremberg in November for the SPS IPC Drives show. We've just been back to LogiMAT for the 2 019 show and we will be back at SPS in November. 
3D LiDAR scanner – YVT 35LX
Another exciting new product for 2018 was the YVT-35LX. Instead of using multiple Hokuyo LiDARs, computing power & external devices like ‘pan tilts’, the Hokuyo YVT-35LX can provide point cloud data all by itself.
With a wide field of view, the YVT-35LX gives you a 210° horizontal and a 40° vertical scanning angle. And the detectable range is 35m to the front and 14m to the sides.

The Hokuyo YVT-35LX 
Here are just some of the applications for the Hokuyo YVT-35LX 3D LiDAR scanner:
  • Detecting surroundings for robots.
  • Container profiling and positioning at busy ports.
  • Obstacle detection and pallet shape on forklift trucks.
  • Smart farming and agriculture.
  • Depth measurement in the construction industry.
  • GEO mapping.
  • Counting people at building entrances/exits.
With this scanner’s capabilities, we believe it can provide a range of industries with new ways of working.
Over the line first at RoboRace
We were approached by Johannes Betz, a post-doc researcher from the Technical University of Munich and the Chair of Automotive Technologies. With his team, he was preparing to undertake an exciting research project in the area of autonomous and self-driving vehicles with the aim of taking part in the RoboRace.
The RoboRace team from the Technical University of Munich
They needed a Hokuyo LiDAR device and we were happy to help.
The LiDAR device attached to the car.
The team said that compared to other LiDAR devices, the Hokuyo performed the best by far. It’s data performance regarding LiDAR points, velocities and distance data are far more accurate and consistent. On top of its performance, the Hokuyo LiDAR is also much more robust than similar devices. The Hokuyo LiDAR was crucial in helping complete the project successfully.
And this year?
We’re not resting on our laurels for 2019, we've already been to LogiMAT 2019. You can read more about that below.

 You’ll be able to find us at some new shows, as well as SPS. We’ll be launching some more new products too.
Our blogs will keep you up-to-date with everything we’re doing, so make sure you check-in each month. You’ll find out more about cleaning robots, how humans are working alongside robots, how robots are helping the agricultural industry, and you’ll hear from some of our customers too.
It’s shaping up to be another exciting year at Sentek.

LogiMAT 2019

We are back in the office after a very busy last week at LogiMAT 2019. 

As always the stand was filled with people interested in the vast capabilities of our LiDAR scanners and Radar units. 


The Sentek stand at LogiMAT 2019

Alongside the normal demonstrations of our Hokuyo UAM-05LP Safety Laser Scanner and PPT Radar Ranger collision avoidance units we had a brand new scanner on display. 

The Hokuyo URM-40LC-EW is a hybrid scanner with area setting and data output functions. With its 40m range and IP67 rating, it's a great solution for many applications in the outdoor environment.

The Hokuyo URM-40LC-EW on display. 

We'll have more info on it soon so just let us know if you are interested.

How can we help?
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See you at SPS IPC Drives in November!

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