Company Overview

Sentek Solutions supply a wide range of specialist optical electronic devices and sensors into the European market.

The company was founded in 2004 and has over 10 years of industry-specific expertise.

We work closely with our primary partner Hokuyo Automatic to provide ways to increase efficiency, productivity and safety in a variety of industry-specific environments.

Sentek Solutions is the only authorised European distributor of Hokuyo products. In addition to this, Sentek Solutions also offer high-quality products from German manufacturers SSZ and PPT.

Included in our product portfolio is a range of specialised safety products which are intended to support these sectors. The Hokuyo UAM-05LP Safety Laser Scanner is included in this range.

There are various ways to buy products from Sentek Solutions. Whether it is directly from us or via one of our endorsed specialist Value Added Resellers you will always receive a high level of customer service, expertise and support that is befitting of our product portfolio.

Our head office is located in Letchworth Garden City in the United Kingdom.

The German branch of Sentek Solutions (GmbH) was opened in Spring 2019. The office is located in Lahr. If you would like more information about this, just drop us an email.


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Hokuyo Automatic are a manufacturer of specialised sensors and various specialised optical devices.

The company is based in Osaka, Japan.

Established in 1946, the company has grown to become one of the global leaders in cutting edge sensor technology. Their devices are being used in many diverse and complex applications all over the world.

As a forward thinking company Hokuyo are constantly carrying out research and development in order to create new original technology.

If you have any questions about the Hokuyo products that we supply don’t hesitate to contact us on
Peter Paul Titze (PPT) specialises in providing individual solutions for all sectors of the manufacturing and processing industry. These devices provide greater versatility, greater safety and greater system availability .

Their RadarRanger product line from PPT is intended to be used in various port applications with the specific intention of lowering the risk of collision therefore reducing the breaks in operation and keeping products moving.

If you have any questions about the PPT products that we supply don’t hesitate to contact us on
SSZ deals with the development and manufacturing of electronic security equipment for protection against accidents.

As industry operation speeds continue to increase so do the demands for personal safety of machines, devices and humans. There is a fundamental obligation to provide the necessary precautions to achieve this safety and SSZ has the solution.

The SSZ products in our product portfolio are
  • Safety rails
  • Safety mats
  • Safety bumpers
If you have any questions about the SSZ products that we supply don’t hesitate to contact us on
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Accerion Visit website
Robotics will be pervasive in the way we work and live, touching every industry.

Fully autonomous robots are key to this vision. Accerion builds technologies that will enable robots to become truly autonomous.

Accerion has developed a breakthrough, patent-pending positioning technology which can be integrated into automated vehicles and mobile robots.

The Jupiter module uniquely enables automated vehicles to navigate in dynamic environments, both indoors and outdoors, without requiring infrastructure outside the vehicle or robot.
By working with manufacturers of this calibre Sentek Solutions can guarantee that all of the products that we sell are of a quality that is in line with our own expertise and experience. Together with our partners we provide solutions to maintain both an efficient and safe working environment in various industries.


Steven Ansell
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Steven Ansell

Steve took over at Sentek in 2012 from his father Rod who had a long and distinguished career in the Automation and Material handling sector.

Prior to this he obtained a Business degree and a Masters in Marketing.

At Sentek Solutions Steve oversees a lot of the Marketing activity and also specialises in the data transmission and sensor areas of the business.

During his time at Sentek Steve has overseen a solid period of business growth.

Away from work Steve enjoys playing and coaching cricket as well as playing golf.
Adam Gardner
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Adam Gardner

Adam joined Sentek Solutions in 2008 and has been instrumental in helping the company move forward over this time.

Adam graduated with a degree in Metallurgy and has subsequently gained experience in several sectors including the auto id and barcode scanning sector amongst others.

At Sentek Solutions Adam has a keen interest and a large knowledge base in the applications of laser scanners (LIDAR) within the robotics and autonomous vehicles sector.

On the weekends Adam is a keen cyclist and hockey player.
Peter Knowles
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Peter Knowles

Peter is the newest member of the board of directors and comes from a background in industrial safety, having formerly been a director of Mechan Controls.

Peter is the resident specialist on the range of safety products that Sentek Solutions offers.

When he is away from work Peter is happiest on his motorbike. 
Jonas Ledergerber
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Jonas Ledergerber

Jonas joined Sentek Solutions as a Managing Director in spring 2019.

Prior to this he obtained a diploma in Business engineering and has worked for over a decade in the LiDAR industry pushing the technology globally.

At Sentek Solutions, Jonas represents the German office and is responsible for business development throughout Germany.

Away from work Jonas enjoys playing in orchestras as well as cooking.

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