Hokuyo MBX Series:

A non-contact HMD for use in the harshest of environments.
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Product Name: Hokuyo MBX Series:



MBX Series
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The Hokuyo MBX series is a non-contact hot metal detector (HMD) that uses microwave transmission for detecting hot steel.  This system integrates a control unit, stainless waveguide and remotely mounted antenna stand.  For the most severe applications where dust, smoke, vapors, high temperatures, induced noise or intense ambient light are present, this non-invasive sensing system is ideal for reliable detection of hot material in a continuous casting line, pipe or rolling mill.
  • Power Source:  100 - 110VAC / 200 - 220VAC (+/-10% 50/60Hz) 
  • Output: Relay (250VAC at 3A, 30VDC at 5A) 
  • Detection range:  Approx. 300mm from antenna surface 
  • Microwave frequency 10.525GHz 
  • Monitoring (FAULT) output 
  • Antenna designed to withstand temperatures up to 600ºC (1112 ºF) 

  • Billet and slab continuous casting 
  • Entry / exit to the reheat furnace 
  • Hot strip mill 
  • Pipe mill
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