Hokuyo DM-GF/HF

2 modulation frequencies to prevent interference, 5 times faster than the DM series.
Technical info:
  • Full Duplex transmission
  • 3m range
  • 2 modulation frequencies
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Product Name: Hokuyo DM-GF/HF



DM-GF_HF datasheet
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A serial data transmission unit featuring both RS232 & RS422 interfaces models. These Hokuyo devices are contained in robust, lightweight ABS housings and are immune to electrical & ambient light interference. Use of wide angle optics makes them ideally suited to applications involving mobile vehicles and docking stations.
  • Full duplex data transmission 
  • Two modulation frequencies prevent interference 
  • Transmission range up to 3 meters 
  • Head-on and Side-on directional mounting 
  • RS-232C and RS-422 interfaces 
  • 10-30 VDC 

  • AGV’s 
  • Transfer lines 
  • Monorails 
  • Automated material handling systems 
  • Mobile vehicles 
  • Rotating machinery 
  • Factory Automation 

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