Hokuyo UST-05LA

A high speed scanner with an RS422 interface. 
Technical info:
  • 5 metre range
  • 270° Scan window
  • 0.5° Resolution
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Product Name: Hokuyo UST-05LA



UST-05LA Datasheet
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The new UST range from Hokuyo redefines the rules. 

With a weight of only 130g and the same dimensions as the URG-04LX, it is the smallest & lightest scanning obstacle detection device available. 

Whilst not a safety scanner the UST-05LA possesses much of the same functionality, with flexible area protection across 31 switchable pre-programmed configurations. 

For applications which require additional information the UST-05LA supplies “navigational data” which can be used in real time or stored on a micro sd card. 

Competitively priced and with industry standard connectivity; 10-30V power input and RS422 interface the UST offers a compact and efficient solution. 
  • Ultra-compact 50x50x70mm 
  • Weight: 130g 
  • Range: 5m 
  • Scan window: 270° with 0.5° resolution 
  • 31 configurable/switchable 3 area zones 
  • Master/slave synchronisation for up to 3 devices 
  • Protection: IP65 
  • 10-30V
  • LMS Laser measurement system 
  • LRF Laser rangefinder 
  • RS422 data output: distance/angle
  • Micro sd card slot for data logging

If this scanner doesn't fit your needs check out the rest of our LIDAR range or contact us for some more help.

If you want some more info on our Hokuyo LiDAR scanners, you can watch this video which explains how they work and some of their capabilities and applications.

You could also come and see us at our stand at SPS IPC Drives in November.

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