Hot Metal Detectors for industrial automation

Hokuyo Hot Metal Detectors are specifically designed for steel production applications. They are the ideal solution for controlling a process through accurate presence detection of material flow.

Optical LED, laser and microwave type hot metal detectors are used to detect the presence of rod, billet, bar, slab or plate in a rolling mill, continuous casting or other mill process lines. Radiated infrared from hot material passing within the operating range of the device will trigger an output function to initiate a process command.

These devices can reduce the risks of process line failures, scrap and rework by enabling the user to accurately detect product from start to finish.

Some of the applications for these Hot Metal Detectors include;

  • Billet and slab continuous casting
  • Entry/ Exit to the reheat furnace
  • Hot strip mills
  • Pipe mills
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Hokuyo LAV-10/11 Series
This device is a laser based optical fibre HMD and is accurate in environments where dust, steam and vapours are present.

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Hokuyo MBX Series:
A non-contact HMD for use in the harshest of environments.

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Hokuyo PH-DX/WX Series
This through beam type HMD is perfect for use in low temperature processes.

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Hokuyo PHV-10 Series
The PHV-10 HMD is a LED-based optical fibre device with accurate long range transmission.

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Hokuyo PRV-10 Series
The PRV-10 is an electronic HMD with adjustable infrared thresholds.

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