devices for Safe industrial automation

In order to increase automation in any industrial environment then the environment first must be made safe. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and other autonomous vehicles need the vision to see if their path is clear or if there is an obstacle in their way.

Path mapping devices and anti-Collision devices can provide machine sight which is necessary for safe working. The Hokuyo UAM-05LP Safety Laser Scanner provides this machine sight and is a crucial component of a safe workplace.

Large areas and dangerous machinery also need to be made safe for personnel and robots working around them.  Our range of Mats, Bumpers, and Rails provides market-leading technology to be used for the protection of large areas and dangerous machinery. These devices use high-quality sensor elements to ensure the highest level of safety. Laser detection can also be used to guard dangerous machines and areas. 

All of these devices can also be used together to create a completely safe environment where there is no chance of an accident.

Get in contact if you need some help choosing a safety device or want to learn how these devices can be used together. 
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Hokuyo UAM-05LP
The smallest Category 3 Safety Laser Scanner on the market, crucial for protecting AGVs.
Technical info:
  • Protection Range: 5m
  • Warning Range : 20m
  • Detection Angle: 270°

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Safety Mats
Robust and bespoke mats to protect dangerous areas.
Technical info:
  • Maximum area of 1.5m x3m.
  • 21mm height.
  • Waterproof/ heatproof options available.

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Safety Rail
A rubber based rail to protect dangerous applications.
Technical info:
  • Hollow-chamber rubber profile with SSZ sensor element
  • IP65
  • 50m length

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Safety Bumper
Designed to protect driverless transport systems and dangerous areas.
Technical info:
  • All cuts, shapes and angles catered for.
  • Shock Absorbtion
  • Coated with polyurethane

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