High performance LiDAR with 176 programmable warning and safety zones. Process and measuring data via EtherCAT. Encoder connections for speed-dependent range switching.

Common Applications

AGV navigation
Human Safety
Static guarding

Operation Benefits

Indoor/ Outdoor - Indoor
Range - 5m safety range / 20m warning range
Scan window/ angle - 270°
Communication - EtherCAT
Dimensions (l x w x h) - 104mm x 80mm x 95mm
Weight - 400g

Technical Information

Technology - Time of Flight
Range - 5m safety range / 20m warning range
Field of View - 270°


Product details

The smallest safety laser scanner with EtherCAT FSoE support for mobile and static applications. The UAM-05LEC-T301 offers simplified cabling connection to control and system. The extended number of detection fields (max.176 detection field set) makes it possible to monitor up to 5 simultaneous protection and warning zones. The EtherCAT safety laser scanner features options for flexible configuration via FSoE (Functional Safety over EtherCAT), FoE (File Access over EtherCAT), CoE (CAN Application Protocol over EtherCAT), EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT) and USB.

  • Protection range - Max 5m
  • Warning range - Max 20m
  • Distance tolerance - +100mm
  • Detection capability - From black-reflector sheet (1.8%) to retro-reflector sheet
  • Detectable range - 270°
  • Minimum detectable width - ∅30mm (max: 1.8m), ∅40mm (max: 2.5m), ∅50mm (max: 3.0m), ∅70/150mm (max: 5.0m)
  • Scan frequency - 30ms (rotational speed 2,000rpm)
  • Area pattern - Max 176 patterns (when 1 zone per area)
  • Zone per area - Max 5
  • Response time - OFF 80ms - 2,030ms | ON 270ms - 2,010ms
  • Element - Pulsed laser diode
  • Wave length - 905nm
  • Safety class - Laser class 1
  • Type - Type 3 (IEC 61496–1, IEC 61496–3)
  • Functional safety - SIL 2 (Type B, HFT=1) (IEC61508)
  • PFHd 7.8 x 10 (TI = 20 year)
  • Size - (l x w x h) - 104mm x 80mm x 95mm (without cable)
  • Weight - Approx. 400g (excluding cable)
  • Protection - IP65
  • Connection - 3x M12-connector: EtherCAT IN/OUT, Power, IOs
  • Supply current - 7W (normal, without load), 20W (max, with load)
  • Configuration - USB2.0 (USB micro type-B connector)
  • Data output - Ethernet 100BASE-TX (EtherCAT IN)/ Ethernet 100BASE-TX (EtherCAT OUT)
  • Maximum range data output - 40m
  • Fieldbus/ Industrial network - Profiles: FSoE (Functional Safety over EtherCAT), CoE (CAN Application Protocol over EtherCAT), EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT), FoE (File over EtherCAT)